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¡Bienvenidos! ¡Panama Coast Rentals es donde se alquila una casa en la playa de Panama con facilidad!
Looking to Rent?
    Whether you are coming to our
    tropical paradise to vacation, to
    explore the region as a place to live,
    or to settle down here, you will need a
    quality home to rent!  We offer beach
    rental homes on both sides of
    Panama, the Pacific and the
    Caribbean.  Our comfortable houses
    and condominiums are all within
    walking distance to the beach and
    offer all the amenities you need for a
    pleasant stay!  Our homes can be
    rented for long-term and short-term
    We also offer a wide variety of
    concierge services including tours,
    spa treatments at the home, airport
    transfers, and maid and cook services.
Top Reasons To Go To Panama

Higher Standard, Yet Lower Cost of Living
The standard of living in Panama is among the
highest in Latin America.  However, housing,
transportation, living and medical costs are, on
average, below those in North American and

Spectacular Nature Abounds
From the rare birds and lush canopy of the rain
forest, to the cool, dry breezes of the Pacific
Coast and from the tropical fish seen beneath
the surface of the Caribbean to the high rises
and modern shops of the capitol, Panama offers
true diversity.

Investment in Real Estate
Panama is also a great place for investment,
particularly in real estate. The price of property
here is lower than many other parts of the world.

Fantastic Weather
We do not experience earthquakes nor
hurricanes as found in other parts of Latin
America.  At the beach, the temperature is  
about 85 degrees all year long.  However, the
mountain areas can drop to 65 degrees at night.

Political Stability and Lower Crime Rate
Panama is a democratic republic and has been
stable for several decades.  The crime rate is
generally lower than in most of the rest of Latin

Centrally Located
Near the Equator, Panama is equal distance to
destinations in both North and South America.  
There are direct flights to most major cities on
both continents.

Superior Medical Care
Most Panamanian doctors were trained in the
United States and offer a much more
personalized approach to medicine than their
colleagues in the US and Canada.  Patients are
seen much more quickly and attentively.

First-World Infrastructure
Panama has a cosmopolitan capitol city with
well established communications infrastructure.
Top-class hotels, restaurants and shopping
malls are representations of its affluence
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    With over 25 years of experience in
    high-end new construction and
    remodels. Mike would be happy to
    discuss your Panama project from the
    design to the finish! Find out more by
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Looking to Tour Panama?
    Vista Mar, our tour partner, offers a
    wide variety of  Panama Tours. Ask
    about discounts for Panama Coast
    Rentals clients.  We recommend the
    memorable Ecotour!