Panama Coast Rentals
Steps to Rent from Panama Coast Rentals

At Panama Coast Rentals, we strive to help you have the perfect vacation! Toward this end, we make every effort to make the
entire process clear and easy. The process will look like this:

1. Contact us.
Call (507) 6786-0854; however, as we are often away from our computers while we attend to the needs of our current renters,
we may not be able to answer all your questions when you call. It is best to email us at

2. Tell us.
If you have already seen an ad for one of our homes, please identify the name of the house as it appears in the ad. We also
need to know the dates you seek and the total number of people in your party. We will confirm availability or recommend
alternatives if the home is not available.

3. Ask us.
It is our pleasure to answer all your questions so that you can rest assured that you have made the right decision. No question
is too silly!

4. Pay us.
Once you have decided on an available home, we require a deposit equal to half of the established rent. We accept payments
via PayPal, deposit to our Panamanian bank account or cash. We can provide detailed instructions for payment once you have
chosen your method.

5. Wait for us.
As soon as we receive the payment, we will send you a written confirmation. This confirmation will also include driving
directions to the house or to a convenient meeting place.

6. Plan with us.
We will be happy to help you with more details for your ideal vacation including spa services, domestic services, transportation,
travel and tourism, real estate services and any special needs you may have. We are eager to fulfill all your needs!

7. Come to us.
As soon as you know your travel plans, let us know so we can calculate your arrival. We offer airport transfer in our vehicle ($80
for up to four people) or we can send a driver to drive your rental vehicle to your home ($50). Please know that if you arrive after
8:00 pm, we charge a $20 late-arrival fee. If you arrive by plane, we ask that you call us (6786-0854) from the rental-car counter
to confirm that you have landed and are heading out! If you are arriving by via public or private transportation, we ask that you
call (6786-0854) to confirm that you are en route! We will meet you at the home or at a convenient meeting place and walk you
through the check in process. Remember that outstanding rent and the damage deposit ($300) will be due in cash upon arrival.

8. Stay with us.
We are happy to have you stay with us! You are welcome to contact us with any concerns during your stay. If you will not have a
phone, let us know, and we can provide a rental phone for your use while you stay with us. Please remember that your rental
home is a non-smoking home and pets are only permitted with prior consent. We are pleased to provide a wide range of
utilities and services, but we are not responsible for outages or no-shows beyond our control.

9. Leave us.
Sadly, the time will come that you will have to leave us! The check-out process takes about fifteen minutes. We will schedule
this when you arrive or you can call us the day before to set a time. We will review the house, calculate electric usage (based on
meter readings)when applicable, and return any remaining damage deposit.

10. Recommend us to your friends and leave reviews on travel websites and travel blogs.
E-mail us

Call us        Kathy (507) 6786-0854
Rental Policies
Polizas de depósitos
Para cumplir la reservación, hay que hacer un depósito de 50% por PayPal, efectivo o depósito en un banco panameño.  El
depósito tiene que ser final antes de llegar.  El balance hay que pagar en efectivo al llegar.

Hay que pagar un depósito de daños en efectivo al llegar y se devuelve la misma cantidad al salir mientras que no haya
ningún daño.  Por alquiler de un mes o más, el depósito de daño es equivilante al alquiler de un mes.  Por alquiler de corto
plazo, el depósito de daños es 30% de alquiler (al cien dolares más cerca).

Si sea necesario cancelar la reservación, se devuelve el depósito en la siguiente manera:

No se devuelve nada si cancela menos de 30 días antés del primer día del alquiler
Se devuelve 50% con aviso de 30 a 60 días antés del primer día del alquiler
Se devuelve 90% con aviso de más de 60 días antés del primer día del alquiler
Other Rate Policies
In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your reservation, refunds will be made as follows:

No Refunds if Cancellation is within 30 Days Prior to Date of Reservation
50% Refund of Rental Fees if Cancellation is within 60 Days Prior to Date of Reservation.
90% Refund of All Fees Paid if Cancellation is Made at Least 61 Days Prior to Reservation

All rental rates are quoted in US Dollars (USD) and are subject to change without prior notice.

All holiday dates can only be rented at the weekly rate.
Here is the full list of Panamaian holidays:
January 1 – New Year’s Day
January 9 – Martyr’s Day
Monday Before Ash Wednesday – Carnival Monday
Tuesday Before Ash Wednesday – Carnival Tuesday
Friday of Holy Week – Holy Friday (Death of Christ)
May 1 – Labor Day
November 3 – Separation Day
November 4 – Flag Day
November 5 – Colon Day
November 10 – The Uprising in the Villa de Los Santos
November 28 – Independence Day
December 8 – Mother’s Day
December 25 – Christmas

Late arrivals after 8p.m. will be subject to a $20.00 late check-in fee.

Low Season - May 1 to October 31
High Season - November 1 to April 30